Hell of an Office – Beta Demo

Hell of an Office is an intense speed-running first person platformer where you run, dash and rocket-jump your way through the world’s most hellish office!

In each level of Hell of an Office your aim is to traverse its bizarre landscape of fire, brimstone and office furniture. You can run and jump as in a traditional platformer, but you can also air-dash over large distances and rocket-jump high into the air. Speed is of the essence, not only because you’ll want to claim a space on the global leaderboards, but also because the lava is always rising in the levels and will engulf you if you don’t get out of the way.

Figuring out the best route through the levels in Hell of an Office is half the battle. They’re very spread out and require you to dash and rocket jump between the floating islands of office space that make them up. As you progress new mechanics are also introduced that spice things up a little, such as wind tunnels and the ability to create portals through solid walls.

It’s a very fast paced game with a wonderfully weird premise and addictive first person platforming gameplay. The rocket jumping and dashing feel great and the large open level design allows for plenty of different routes and ways to shave seconds off your time. It’s far from a normal day at the office but it is a lot of fun!

Download The Hell of an Office Beta Demo Here (Steam)