Hell Punk Horror – Alpha Demo

Hell Punk Horror is a brutal first person roguelike horror beat em up where you explore an interdimensional warehouse and beat up an army of demons with anything you can get your hands on!

In Hell Punk Horror you find yourself alone in a strange randomly generated interdimensional warehouse filled with demons. You need to fight your way through the warehouse and activate the portals which teleport you to another dimension, and eventually (hopefully) somewhere safe.

The combat in Hell Punk Horror is mainly melee focused though you can throw weapons and there is a handgun to be found too). You have a kick and you can grab a variety of different weapons, such as cleavers, axes, knives and hammers. You can aim your kicks and weapon attacks in four different directions to do different types of attacks and you can also charge them to do more damage.

The demo build of Hell Punk Horror features the first (randomized) area of the warehouse and a boss fight. There’s a nice variety of enemies to dispatch and there are some fun mini-events to keep you on your toes, such as monster-filled kill rooms and parts where you have to find higher ground as lava starts to rise from the floor. There’s even a little parkour thrown into the mix, with you able to slide, wall-jump, swing from chains and climb walls (there’s not really much need for many of these skills in the current build, but it bodes well for the future).

The combat in Hell Punk Horror is fluid and a lot of fun, with the various weapons offering a nice amount of variety and lots of wonderfully brutal ways to dispatch your enemies. It’s genuinely scary at times too, especially when you come across some of the bigger demons. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Hell Punk Horror Alpha Demo Here (Steam)