Hell Warders – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Hell Warders Steam Key Giveaway

Hell Warders is a badass blend of third person demon slaying combat, hero defense and tower defense, in which you and up to three other players battle hordes of monsters and huge bosses as you attempt to seal the gates of Hell.

We first featured Hell Warders on Alpha Beta Gamer a month ago during the Beta sign up and were thoroughly impressed by it’s mix of skill-based combat, strategy and spectacle-filled battles. It features co-op play for up to four players, multiple playable classes with unique skills and abilities, defense building, dynamic maps and some gigantic demons to slay. It also focuses on easily accessible gameplay with action at it’s core – with players able to jump in and play without getting too bogged down with build strategies.

In the game your key objective is to defend the Nexus from the demon assault. Players must work in a team, collecting power-ups and setting up defensive perimeters, then fend off the demons when they attack. Spirit Orbs will appear on the map that will aid your cause, but they can often be far away or in hard to reach locations, adding a risk reward element to the game.

Even in these early stages of development Hell Warders is a very impressive game, with matches packed full of teamwork, strategy and awesome demon slaying action. To celebrate the launch of the Hell Warders Indiegogo campaign, we have 500 Steam Beta keys to giveaway to players who want to join in the demon slaying fun! To enter, simply perform any of the actions in the widget below for a chance to win! Winners will be notified in a few days, on Saturday the 13th. If you can’t wait until then or you miss out on a key, you can back the Indiegogo campaign for instant access to the Beta!

Hell Warders Steam Beta Key Giveaway

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