Hellbound – Alpha Demo

Hellbound is an intense old school FPS that sees you using big beefy guns to blast your way through Hell.

Drawing inspiration from 90’s classics like DOOM, Quake and Duke Nukem, Hellbound is an unapologetically old school FPS where you fight your way through Hell. It’s a “Story” based spin-off of the wave-based survival mode that launched last year and at the moment it has the satisfyingly shallow narrative of “You’re a huge-ass mother-f*cker killing demons in Hell”.

The Hellbound demo build features one large level that requires some real skill to beat. Your weapons are big and satisfying to shoot, with a triple-shot shotgun being particularly fun to use and capable of turning most enemies into a bloody pulp with just one shot. Enemy attacks do some serious damage though and there are plenty of ambushes, so you need to keep on the move and keep your guard up.

It may not be the most sophisticated of shooters, but if you’re looking for some good old fashioned demon-fragging run n’ gun fun wrapped up in some beautiful blood-splattered modern visuals then Hellbound has you covered. A Hell of a lot of fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Hellbound Alpha Demo Here (Steam)