Hello Alice – Game Jam Build Download

Hello Alice

Hello Alice, a unique game made for the Alice Jam 150, has you choosing your own adventure like never before.

This choose your own adventure story has you falling down a dark rabbit hole. As you are falling, words fly past from the story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. You are able to crash into those words to make the story appear in front of you. From far away, it is hard to see what the words are. So you must wait until you are close to them to decide whether to fall into them or not.

Collecting different words will change aspects of the story and give you different lines at different times. If you do not collect any words, the same last line will repeat across the screen. As you fall, beautiful music plays in the background, completing this relaxing game.  Create your own Alice in Wonderland story in this unique and calming adventure in Wonderland.

Download Hello Alice HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)