Hello Engineer – Beta Demo

Hello Engineer is a vehicle-building sandbox puzzle game set in the Hello Neighbor universe, where you attempt to create different vehicles to complete challenges.

Taking a break from the stealth horror of the Hello Neighbor games, Hello Engineer sees you building all manner of vehicles as you attempt to escape a creepy amusement park. The game is playable in single-player or online co-op with four players. The challenges require you to race through different courses, and to do so you must first build vehicles that are up to the task.

Building the vehicles is pretty straightforward – with you able to snap on different parts (and you don’t have to worry about more intricate things like linking up drivetrains or selecting which way wheels rotate). Once the vehicle is built, you can then jump into the driving seat and attempt to tackle the challenge course.

The building and vehicle physics probably aren’t quite as strong as some other sandbox vehicle building games, but it is more easily accessible and there’s a lot to be said for its setting and cartoony presentation. An interesting and entertaining twist on the Hello Neighbor universe.

Download The Hello Engineer Beta Demo Here (Steam)