Hello Guest – Alpha Download

Hello Guest is a stealth horror thriller from the creators of Hello Neighbor, where you attempt to outsmart an advanced, self-learning AI that lurks in the shadows at an abandoned amusement park.

Currently in development by tinyBuild, in Hello Guest you take on the role of a security who works the night shift at the Golden Apple Amusement Park. Most security guards may have to deal with thieves or kids sneaking in, but your task is a little more tricky and a lot more dangerous as there’s a freaky monster lurking in the shadows.

The monster is scared of light so your trusty flashlight comes in handy, but it’s very fast and is always trying to sneak up and attack from behind, so you’ll need to find other was to keep it at bay It also has some of the Hello Neighbor style self-learning AI that learns from your actions so you’ll have to stay sharp to survive the night!

Download The Hello Guest Alpha Here (Steam)