Hello Neighbor 2 – Alpha Download

Fans of the Hello Neighbor stealth horror series can now download and play the Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha, where you return to the old neighborhood and try to track down the Neighbor, while being hunted by a mysterious creature.

Hello Neighbor 2 follows on from the events of the first game and sees you trying to track down the Mr Peterson (the Neighbor) who has disappeared. The town of Raven Brooks has really done downhill since the last game and the houses all lie in ruin. What’s more, there’s a mysterious creature skulking around the neighborhood, that doesn’t take kindly to visitors…

The Alpha build of Hello Neighbor 2 is quite buggy and rough around the edges, but it shows a lot of promise for fans of Hello Neighbor’s brand of cartoony stealth horror. It features a large open environment, lots of useful gadgets and an improved self-learning AI that constantly explores the environment, learns from your actions and tries to ambush the player. Grab the Alpha now for some more breaking and entering stealth horror fun!

Download The Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha Here (Steam)