Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek – Alpha Download

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is a dramatic prequel to the events of the original Hello Neighbor game, giving you more insight into your neighbor’s life before he moved to your neighborhood.

In Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek you get a glimpse of your neighbor as a happy family man with two young children and a wife. The current Alpha build of the game features a single level of the game witch sees you controlling one of his kids who’s playing hide and seek with her brother.

Being a child, you have a very active imagination, so a room magically becomes a little jungle and your brother pretends to be a little tiger who is attempting to catch you. Your aim is to gather all your animal-themed toys and place them in a basket, whilst avoiding being caught by your brother.

The current stage of Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is nowhere near as scary as the original game (and it’s not trying to be), being more of a charming first person puzzle platformer than a stealth horror game. Your brother is more of a nuisance than a source of terror, but there’s lots to discover as you explore the area and it’s fun exploring the imaginary world through a child’s eyes. It’ll be interesting to see how the game progresses as it’s quite a departure from the stealth horror the series is renowned for and it’s nice to see your neighbor living a happy family life for a change (though it probably won’t last!)

Check Out The Official Trailer Here

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