Hello Neighbor – Pre-Alpha Download


Hello Neighbor is an awesome blend of stealth, horror and mischief, in which you use traps, distractions and hiding places in an attempt to outsmart the games advanced AI and break into your neighbours basement to find out what dark secrets he’s hiding there!

We first featured Hello Neighbor during the Alpha sign up phase, but now the Pre-Alpha build is available for all to play! In the game you play someone who has developed a Rear Window-esque fascination with your neighbor and why he’s so protective over his basement door. What’s in there? The only way to unearth his dark secret is to break into his house and find out for yourself! Unfortunately for you, your neighbor doesn’t take kindly to trespassers, so you’ll have to sneak, hide and distract him using all manner of household items (which is easier said than done when the AI observes and adapts to your behaviour!)

As well as having a very funny premise, polished visuals, inventive gameplay and advanced AI, Hello Neighbor can also be surprisingly scary game when your neighbour is on the warpath! Join in the Pre-Alpha now for some very good fun with a very bad neighbor!

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