Hells Divide – Game Jam Build

Hells Divide is a very fast paced retro styled first person hack n’ slash roguelike where you slice and dash your way through six randomly generated dungeons and earning upgrades for each one you complete.

You really have to keep moving in Hells Divide. Your aim in each level is to kill enemies and gather enough souls to fill your souls bar, then go to the exit where you can choose from one of three random upgrades. You are armed with a sword and must fend off an assortment of cubes and balls that spawn around you. It’s impossible to avoid al the attacks, but each glowing doorway you go through gives you a small health boost that can help keep you alive a little longer.

It’s a very tough little game with addictive, fast paced gameplay that keeps you coming back for one more go. The blood red visuals and the creepy audio score help build a great sense of atmosphere and although you are essentially being attacked by cubes and spheres, they can be quite menacing when they start to close in around you!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Hells Divide Here (Windows & Linux)