Hellver – Open Beta

Hellver is a very fast paced roguelite FPS that plays like a blend of Downwell and Devil Daggers as you slay hordes of demons while descending down the depths of Hell.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in April, Hellver is a hardcore roguelite FPS with a cool 1bit aesthetic and super fast paced descend-n-gun gameplay. Your aim is to descend down each procedurally generated level of Hell, blast enemies, collect crystals and collect weapon and character upgrades. You can either shoot enemies or melee attack them, with you earning more currency for shooting them and more health for melee kills.

The levels of Hell come in a few different forms, but the main one is a vast spiral staircase-esque structure that’s filled with flying enemies. Halfway down each one of these levels you will find a shop where you can get some respite from the enemies and purchase weapons, upgrades and perks. At the bottom is a time sensitive loot cave with a random selection of upgrades for you to collect – but you only have a set amount of time before it closes so you have to reach it quickly!

Hellver is a very tough, but addictive game with fast paced gameplay and a very satisfying gameplay loop that keeps you coming back for more. You can really level up your character significantly with the weapons and upgrades, but it’s easy to make slip-ups as you race down to the loot cave before it closes. See how far you can descend through the depths of Hell!

Download The Hellver Beta Here (Click “Request Access & It Will Be Added to Your Library)