Hellver – Prototype Download

Hellver is a fast paced and stylish rogue-lite FPS that plays like a blend of Downwell and Devil Daggers as you blast and slice your way down a deep dark well full of enemies.

In Hellver you enter a deep procedurally generated well armed with a gun to shoot and a blade to melee attack with. The enemies you meet are color coded according to their difficulty and there’s the occasional mini-boss battle too. Shooting enemies earns you gems which can upgrade the power of your gun and slicing enemies with your blade makes them drop health (and both methods of killing enemies drops ammo too). As you descend down through the levels of the well you’ll also unlock new abilities and weapons.

It’s a simple, stylish and very addictive rogue-lite FPS with fast paced descend n’ gun gameplay that packs a real challenge as you delve its depths. The visual style works well and the option to melee enemies for health instead of upgrade gems adds a nice bit of strategy. See how far you get down this deep, dark and deadly well!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Hellver Prototype Here (Windows)