Help! – Prototype Download


Help! is a stylish and super tough pixel art top down shooter in which you play a lone gunman who sets out to save his girlfriend from a gang of deadly outlaws with only your sixgun and a steady aim to protect you.

Help! is a very tough game that rewards patience and precision instead of just running in guns blazing. You aim is to make it across the level, rescue your girl and lead her to safety, but the whole area is filled with bandits who will hunt you mercilessly as soon as they spot you. You’re armed with a single sixgun which takes a while to reload so you have to be careful, using precise shots to pick off enemies one by one (try to take on more than two at a time and you’ll be in trouble).

You only have a limited amount of health and bullets, but you can break crates and barrels that are scattered around the area to restore them. Make it all the way to the other side of the map and you’ll be able to untie your girl from the post she’s tied to and then attempt to make your way back across. Things get even tougher then however, as you then have to kill the bandits and protect your beloved at the same time (which is best done by clearing the way then asking her to follow you).

Help! is still very early in development and does have a few rough edges, but the bandit shooting gameplay and pixel art visuals are excellent. A tough little shooter where there are only two types of people – the quick and the dead.

Download The Help! Prototype Here (Windows)