Heptagon – Alpha Demo

Heptagon is an incredibly tough, eye-melting arcade game that could best be described as Super Hexagon on steroids, with it using a variety of perspective distortion mechanics while you try to dodge oncoming obstacles and survive for as long as possible.

Drawing inspiration from Terry Cavanagh’s Super Hexagon, Heptagon initially looks like a cheap imitation, but if you survive for more than a few seconds then you’ll find it’s got some interesting tricks up its sleeve. As you play the track morphs from a 2D Super Hexagon style viewpoint to a 3D tunnel runner style viewpoint. The effect not only looks incredible, but also disorintates the player so you need all of your focus to stand a chance of survival. What’s more, each level has a different unique take on the perspective (in the second level you’re on the outside of a hexagonal tube), so there’ll be plenty to wrap your head around.

At the moment Heptagon will only appeal to seasoned Super Hexagon players, because even in its easiest difficulty level it’s insanely hard. It feels like it’s built for people who thought that Super Hexagon was a little too easy, which is fine, but it means that most players will just die instantly and give up. With a bit of difficulty tweaking it could be a very addictive slice of arcade action though. See how long you can survive the Heptagon!

Download the Heptagon Alpha Demo Here (Windows)