Her Majesty’s Apathy Bomb – Game Jam Build Download


Her Majesty’s Apathy Bomb is a wonderful homage to The Stanley Parable, in which you play a bomb maker delivering (or not delivering) an apathy bomb to an evil queen – depending on whether you listen to the narrator or not.

Much like The Stanley Parable there’s great fun to be had in ignoring the narrators instructions, straying off his desired story to comedic effect.  It’s well worth experimenting with different routes as the voice acting is excellent and depending on your actions, there are 6 different possible endings.  With playthoughs taking a few minutes, it’s a short, silly and very entertaining adventure that’s well worth your time – Stanley would be proud.

Check out two of the possible endings in our playthrough HERE

Download or Play Her Majesty’s Apathy Bomb In a Unity Supported Browser HERE