Heraclos – Student Project Game

Heraclos is a short and funny third person puzzle platforming adventure that sees you taking an unwilling hero on a quest bestowed upon him by a god (whether he likes it or not).

In Heraclos you take on the role of a young boy who trips over a buried amphora on his way back home. It turns out that this is no ordinary amphora and you are swiftly sent on an epic quest by a god who speaks to you from the heavens. You now have to unlock god-like powers and climb the sacred mountain to complete your quest, even though you’d rather be doing something (or anything) else that doesn’t require you risking your life for the gods.

Heraclos takes around 15 minutes to play through, and although the gameplay is fairly simple, the artwork, audio design and humor make it a joy to play. Of particular note are the excellent animated cutscenes that bookend the adventure that are genuinely hilarious and really help you get a sense of your reluctant hero’s personality and the ridiculousness of the quest he’s on. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Heraclos Here (Browser)