Herald – Alpha Demo


Upcoming interactive drama Herald is a point-and-click adventure with a branching story that’s dictated by player choices. As Devan Rensburg, players are the steward of a merchant ship, the HLV Herald, in a 19th century world. The game hosts a variety of characters, well-off and less fortunate than others, that make for a divided lifestyle aboard the ship.

Choosing to play by the rules will win players the favor of the authority, namely the captain, who is technically the player’s supervisor. However should one choose to side with the downtrodden and fed up side of the ship, a rebellious method can be used in the approach to game quests. Not only will the player choose what side they want to support, dialogue options available during conversation will change a character’s disposition toward the player, changing the course of the game in another manner.

Finding key items, recording events and findings in a journal, and navigating the 3D-rendered Herald are some of the core features that are already established in this early look at the game. Conversations with NPC’s, making game-altering decisions, and exploring this mysterious and obscure ship are all supporting game elements that complete a foundation that set up developer Wispfire to create an enthralling and interesting interactive narrative.

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