Here Be Dragons 2 – Game Jam Build

here be dragons 2

Here Be Dragons 2, a game made for the 7DRL challenge, will have you exploring many dangerous procedurally generated lands.

This charming adventure game takes you, a hero from a far away land, across procedurally generated biomes. You are looking to gather loot as well as build a map of the area. As you move around the map, the land appears in front of you, as well as adds to your map. Small camps may also appear, with heros who may join you if you have enough loot. There are many heros, each of which add different abilities to your team. You can usually find around three heroes in each land (but can only take one with you between lands). Heroes can allow you to see farther through trees, be less detectable by enemies, see all the camps or loot on a map, and many other helpful things.

As mentioned, there are treasure chests with loot, but also telescopes that allow you to see parts of the map without going to it. There are also ruins that can allow you to fire a cannon or teleport to a different part of the map without taking any of your health.  As a group, you have a small amount of life, that drains as you explore. You can also lose life as different monsters around the land attack you. There are many, many enemies that are specific to the type of land you are at. Giants lurk in forests, birds in jungles.

This little game has tons to discover in many charming biomes. Save heroes, collect loot, and explore all of these little areas in Here Be Dragons 2.

Play Here Be Dragons 2 in your Browser HERE