Here, There Be Monsters – Student Project Game

Here, There Be Monsters is a Lovecraftian seafaring action adventure game where you go in search of a massive tentacled monster that has laid claim to the world.

In Here, There Be Monsters you captain a mysterious ship with tattered sails and broadside cannons as it searches the world for a huge Lovecraftian monster to slay. Your ship is hardly the most nimble of vessels but with a bit of practice you can navigate the cavern, with you able to use your harpoon to latch onto walls and your anchor to stop you dead. However your ship’s mobility deficiencies are really noticeable when you meet the monster you’re searching for and start to do battle – the ship is too slow and unwieldily to dodge attacks and your cannons do so little damage that you’ll soon find yourself smashed to smithereens.

The cumbersome control system (left/right/forward/back would be better) and the sheer sluggishness of your vessel really detract from what could be a great game. It’s a shame as the visual design is excellent and the premise has lots of potential. It feels like a seafaring Shadow of the Colossus, with you navigating a game world devoid of any life and doing battle with massive monsters. But if you thought the controls in SotC were clunky then wait ‘til you get a load of Here, There Be Monsters!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Here, There Be Monsters Here (Windows)