Heretic’s Fork – Prologue Download

Heretic’s Fork is a very addictive roguelite deck-building game that plays like a Vampire Survivors style bullet heaven game, but with you being placed in charge of an immovable hell-tower.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year during the prototype phase of development, Heretic’s Fork essentially plays like Vampire Survivors, but with more deck-building elements and you not being able to move your character. In the game you are placed in charge of constructing and upgrading a giant tower that stops the massive swarms of sinners from escaping from Hell.

After each wave of enemies attacks you are dealt cards from your deck which you can use to upgrade your tower. You can add different types of tower section or garrisons of soldiers, each of which is affiliated with a different type of energy (Hellfire, Holy, Unholy) and you can combine them to upgrade them significantly. You can also combine cards to form more powerful cards, with there being five levels of card to upgrade to.

Heretic’s Fork’s blend of deck-building, tower defense and bullet heaven gameplay initially seems quite simple, but it’s got a lot of depth and gets very addictive. It would perhaps be nice if building a tower didn’t also reduce the space available for building garrisons, because at the moment the most powerful builds are generally achieved by focusing on one particular tower or garrison type. Aside from that though, it’s a great game that’s VERY hard to put down.

Download The Heretic’s Fork Prologue Here (Click “Request Access”)

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