Heretic’s Fork – Prototype Download

Heretic’s Fork is a very addictive roguelite deckbuilding tower defense game where you use the blood of sinners to build a monstrous tower in Hell.

In Heretic’s Fork you are a demon who’s been tasked with building a tower to protect a rift that’s opened between Heaven and Hell. Hordes of sinners are attempting to escape though the rift so you need to kill them. The sinners’ blood is then used to level up your tower, which allows you to use cards from your deck to upgrade your defenses.

There are three different demons that you can choose to play as, each with their own speciality. As you progress you also unlock more cards which are added to your deck, including different types of turret and garrisons which release soldiers intermittently.

It’s a very addictive game that’s easy to pick up and play and has a satisfyingly rapid levelling up system. A tower-building roguelite well worth tackling.

Download the Heretic’s Fork Prototype Here (Windows)