Hero of Vulcano – Game Jam Build Download

hero of vulcano game

Hero of Vulcano, a fun little blacksmith simulator made for the Vulcan Game Jam, sees you playing a lone weapons maker who everyone looks towards to craft the weapons needed for war.

Creating weapons from scratch is not an easy task – it takes time and needs to be done before the army is attacked. You must gather coal, smelt it in furnaces, send mine carts to collect minerals (as per the order) and then put them into the furnace. Once everything is in there, and the correct mold is chosen, you have to jump on an air pocket to push air into the furnace. After you have heated up the giant pot and melted everything, it will go into the mold.

You must take the rough mold that you’ve created to the anvil and hammer it to transform it from a smouldering lump of metal to a finely crafted weapon. If it cools too much, it will need to be heated up in the stove before being hammered again. Once it is done, you can place it in the barrel of water and then at the table of orders. You must complete everything needed before the order will be taken, so make sure you work quickly.

Sending the minecart and melting the ore does take time, as does creating weapons, but there is a limited amount of time until your town will be attacked again – so everyone’s life depends on you. As you complete orders, longer and more complicated orders start coming in, causing you to plan out the order in which you make items so that you are not sitting there doing nothing. Some ores take two other minerals to be collected and made, taking up even more time.

It can take a few attempts to figure out what you’re supposed to do, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be crafting weapons like a pro. See if you can keep up with the demand and become the hero of Vulcano!

Download Hero of Vulcano Here (Win Only)