Heroes Never Lose – Alpha Demo

heroes never lose

Heroes Never Lose is a fun Puyu Puyu-style action-puzzler with a super-powered twist, excellent pixel art animation and a great sense of humor.

Gameplay will be familiar to anyone who’s played SEGA’s classic ‘Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine‘ or ‘Puyu Puyu‘.  Your aim is to demolish your blocks in as big a combo as possible which then sends large clumps of blocks over to your opponents side and disrupting their gameplay.  Each wonderfully animated superhero has their own special moves to spice up the gameplay, with inventive ways to sabotage your opponent.

It’s a fun and well crafted take on the falling-block puzzle genre, bristling with color and vibrant characters that really add some personality to the game.  A perfectly programmed pleasantly preposterous pixelated puzzler.

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Download the Alpha Demo HERE