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HeroQuest Game Download

HeroQuest is a digital remake of the classic 1989 turn based board game of the same name, that sees your Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf and Wizard crawling dungeons, battling monsters and collecting loot.

Originally created by Milton Bradley and Games Workshop, the HeroQuest board game offered an easily accessible and mainstream approach to Dungeons & Dragons style role playing gaming. The movement and combat was a little like a board game version of X-Com, with you taking it in turns to move and carry out actions, such as attacking, casting spells or searching the area for treasure. Your team of heroes would enter a dungeon that was controlled by the Evil Wizard, then explore, search for loot, battle enemies, complete objectives and exit via the staircase.

Unfortunately the HeroQuest board game has long since been discontinued so getting your hands on a copy nowadays can be quite expensive, but thankfully developer Dr Ninja has taken it upon himself to recreate the entire game digitally! It’s still early in development so is missing a few features such as sound, AI or different weapons, but the majority of the gameplay is exactly the same as the original. Even the visuals are the same as the original, thanks to the developer taking the time to digitize copies of the miniatures, board pieces and furniture.

It has a few rough edges and isn’t feature complete yet, but even in it’s current state it plays well (best if you have another player to take on the role of the Evil Wizard), offering up a welcome dose of board gaming nostalgia. The board game may be 28 years old, but that dungeon crawling gameplay is still as good as it ever was!

Note: If any scenery is getting in the way of you clicking on a spot, press the ‘H’ key to make it transparent.

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