HeroWarz – Beta Key Giveaway

HeroWarz beta

HeroWarz is a great looking isometric MMORPG with Anime-style visuals and spectacle-filled combat that we first featured a few weeks ago. The Closed Beta is now gearing up to launch and we have 1000 Beta Keys to giveaway!

Set in a world ravaged by dreams and nightmares, you control a small band of super powered-misfits who set out to restore normality. As well as a full MMORPG story mode, HeroWarz also features a separate MOBA-style ‘Arena TV’ mode that allows players to do battle in PvP arenas for rewards.

It’s a good looking game, with a great art style and fast flowing combat, full of spectacular special moves. The Closed Beta starts on May the 18th, and the developers have been kind enough to give us 1000 Beta keys to giveaway.  To claim your key just fill out your email details via the widget below.   These keys will not only guarantee access to the Beta, but will also unlock an exclusive in game costume!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Beta is only available in the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Canada

Missed Out on a Key? You Can Still Sign Up For The Beta Here!

UPDATE: Giveaway finished. Better luck next time!