HeroWarz – Open Beta

HeroWarz beta

HeroWarz is a great looking Anime-styled isometric MMORPG that we first featured a couple of months ago when it was in closed Beta. It’s now in Open Beta in US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand so now (almost) everyone can join in the fun!

HeroWarz is a massively multiplayer action RPG with fast paced gameplay and spectacular special moves, in which players take a rag-tag group of misfits on an epic quest as they attempt to save a world ravaged by nightmares. As well as the intriguing story driven quest HeroWarz also features a standalone MOBA-style ‘Arena TV’ mode that allows players to do battle for reputation and rewards. Join in now if you fancy an Anime MMORPG full of spectacle and variety.

Join in the HeroWarz Open Beta Here