HEVN – Beta Demo

HEVN Game Download

HEVN is a creepy Sci-Fi adventure in which you uncover the narrative via investigating its highly detailed environment, uncovering clues, solving puzzles and partaking in the occasional bit of combat as you uncover the dark secrets of what’s really going on during a mining mission light years away from Earth.

Although there is a little bit of combat in HEVN, it’s no First Person Shooter, It’s more of a slow paced puzzle adventure with some survival horror elements thrown into the mix. It relays a lot of the narrative and backstory via its highly detailed environment in which nearly everything can be picked up, examined or interacted with in some way. It’s not only fun to pick up and fiddle with things, but it also adds a Gone Home-esque layer of depth, builds backstory and makes the mining ship feel like a real place where real people live and work, rather than just a game environment.

The current Beta Demo Build of HEVN offers between half an hour and two hour gameplay depending on how much of the environment you explore, and sees you dealing with ‘hallucinations’, solving puzzles and fending off critters. You’ve just woken from long cryosleep (which the ships AI points out is probably the cause of the hallucinations) and set off searching for your crewmate and getting to grips with what’s really going on on the facility, uncovering some dark secrets along the way.

If you’re looking for some sci-fi run and gun action then you’ll be left sorely disappointed by HEVN, but if you’re looking for something a bit more atmospheric and cerebral we highly recommend checking it out. It’s an interesting game that shows a lot of promise with it’s intriguing narrative and highly detailed environment. Not just another bug hunt!

Note: When you first pick up your tablet you probably won’t know the code to unlock it. Press ‘F’ to put it into your inventory

Download The HEVN Beta Demo Here (Windows)