Hexahedra – Open Beta

Watching machines move, color, clean, and burn parts of boxes, as it moves through a system, rhythmically, creating an output is a magical thing. It’s relaxing to see the system work and create the end product you want to produce. Hexahedra does exactly that; gives you an open-ended programming puzzle that allows you to optimize a factory and create different cubes.

Cubes may sound simple, but when they need to be completely changed, it does become so much more complex. You will need to understand what components need to be placed into your factory and what order the code driven steps need to change the cube so that it creates the perfect output for your order. You then can hit the fast forward until the level creates enough cubes, and you can move onto the next one.

Over time in Hexahedra, you end up unlocking more ways to change the cube. You can burn off any wooden sides that you don’t want, paint or clean sides, stamp or freeze the cube. There are just so many different ways to change it. Hexahedra does a good job of showing you what each of these abilities do as they unlock, so that you know what needs to be done. When using your factory, there are also options to make your understanding of the puzzle better. You can flatten the cube out or rotate the cube so that you can see the sides better. If you mess up the factory, you can just stop it and edit your code or the machines, to make it better. Hexahedra is a really interesting, mental puzzle game that has sleek design and really great variety.

Sign Up For The Hexahedra Open Beta Here (Steam)