Hexblade – Game Jam Build

Hexblade is an excellent little boss rush action platformer where you enter a dungeon in search of a mythical sword forged by a powerful master, but to escape with it alive, you’ll need to battle a series of challenging bosses.

Created for the Boss Rush Jam, Hexblade is a short and beautifully crafted retro 2D Boss rush action game set inside a dungeon that’s guarded by powerful bosses. Legend tells of three deadly swords that were forged by the great Blademaster. You take on the role of a powerful warrior, known as The Blood Knight, who has tracked down the location of one of these swords and is keen to take it for his own. However, to do so he’ll need to prove his worth as a fighter by fighting his way through a series of boss fights.

To beat the bosses you’ll need to learn their attack patterns and time your strikes well. You have a time limit for beating each boss, but you also need to avoid attacking too often as your blade is cursed and you need to give a little time for the curse to dispel between attacks. After beating each boss you earn a new skill, which can help give you the edge in future fights.

Considering Hexblade is a game jam game it’s a very polished experience. The bosses are all well designed, each with their own unique attack patterns to deal with. The pixel art animation is excellent, the lore is fun, the retro soundtrack is great and you get a good feeling of progression with the abilities you unlock. Hopefully there will be more boss rush adventures with The Blood Knight as he searches for the other two swords in the future. Highly recommended.

Play Hexblade Here (Browser)