Hexxed – Alpha Demo

Hexxed is a quirky retro RPG horror adventure that has some wonderfully weird twists as you attempt to find your mother in the midst of a B-Movie inspired post-apocalyptic monster-filled world.

In Hexxed you take on the role of Clara, a teenage girl who arrives home from school to find that her mother and dog are nowhere to be found. This wouldn’t be a problem, but Clara lives in an alternate timeline that is plagued by horrors ripped from B-Movies like Night of the Living Dead. Clara sets out in search of her mother and her dog in the midst of the epidemic and may even discover the mysterious force behind it in the process.

The actual core turn-based combat is very basic and not particularly fun, but everything else about Hexxed is very impressive. The writing is witty, Clara is an interesting character and the retro 2D visuals work well. It’s the narrative and clever twists that really impress though, with things getting equally confusing and entertaining as you delve deeper into it.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Hexxed Alpha Demo Here (Windows)