Hidden Asset – Alpha Demo

Hidden Asset is a Hitman-esque isometric stealth assassination game that sees you sneaking, hacking and killing your way past security to eliminate high profile targets for a contractor.

Set in a dystopian city that’s been ruined by corporate greed, in Hidden Asset you take on the role of an unemployed man who is given a chance to prove his worth as an assassin. You’re still learning the ropes but you have a handler and access to a weapons dealer – the rest you can pick up on the job.

The current demo build of Hidden Asset features one training level and one full mission. The full mission sees you attempting to sneak through a heavily guarded office block to assassinate a CEO. As in the Hitman games, there are lots of different ways you can go about this, but stealth is generally always the best option.

Hidden Asset is a tough game that’s far less forgiving than the likes of Hitman. The missions are like large puzzles with multiple solutions, but there are also multiple ways to screw up. The guard are especially unforgiving – with extremely keen eyesight and good hearing so sneaking up on them is very tricky. If you do get spotted and the guard manages to call back-up then there’s a good chance you’ll be greeted with a swift death (though you can use distractions such as smoke clouds to sneak away).

It’s a very promising game with high quality isometric visuals, hardcore stealth gameplay and open ended level design. The difficulty may not be for everyone, but for those who like a real challenge with their stealth assassination Hidden Asset is a game well worth pulling the trigger on.

NOTE: There is an autosave function but it isn’t particularly reliable at the moment. It’s best to manually save (press ‘Esc’ then ‘’Save Game’) before you try anything risky.

It Would be appreciated if you could run the ‘hiddenassetdebug.exe’ rather than the normal one as it will give more information about any bugs in the event of a crash.

When you’re done with the game, please send feedback and the stats.txt file (Located in the game directory in Win and Linux and in ‘~/Library/Application Support/Hidden Asset’ on Mac) to the dev at contact(at)laserbrainstudios(dot)com

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Download The Hidden Asset Alpha Demo Via The Links Below:

North America: Windows  Linux 32-bit  Linux 64-bit  Mac

Europe: Windows  Linux 32-bit  Linux 64-bit  Mac