Hidden Deep – Alpha Demo

Hidden Deep is a physics based spelunking Sci-Fi thriller where you explore a vast sub-oceanic mining and research facility that’s overrun with deadly alien lifeforms.

Drawing inspiration from Aliens, The Thing and Half-Life, in Hidden Deep you take control of different members of a team as they explore a vast underground facility that your company lost contact with. It turns out that the facility is now crawling with hostile alien lifeforms so you’ll need to exercise caution as you investigate what happened there.

The aliens can be dispatched with some well aimed shots but if they catch you off-guard then it can mean trouble. Almost as big a threat is the underground environment itself – your movement is entirely physics-based and there are plenty of big drops that can be bone-crunchingly lethal if you’re careless.

The current build of Hidden Deep features three large levels and takes around an hour to play through. It’s a lot of fun, thanks largely to the physics-based gameplay and the variety of equipment available to you. One particularly fun bit of equipment is the grappling gun, which you can use to climb, swing and even create zip-lines. There are lots of other clever mechanics too – including being able to switch between control of different characters, operate vehicles, use scanner drones and use explosives to blast through the terrain.

An ability to zoom the view in and out would be nice, but other than that Hidden Deep is shaping up to be a fantastic game. It’s got a very tense atmosphere, the physics-based gameplay is very creative and some of your (often accidental) deaths are hilariously brutal. The full game looks set to add a big dose of The Thing-esque paranoia too, as your crew can become infected and turn into grotesque shapeshifting monsters. Trust no-one! Highly recommended.

Note: If you can’t get the game to run, it’s likely either a problem with the screen resolution or the audio output system. This can be fixed by editing the config.dat file. Full info can be found in the #technical-support channel in the Discord server.

Check Out Hidden Deep on Steam Here

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

To download the Hidden Deep demo, join the official Discord group and the DM one of the members who have the “Demo Dealer” role. They’ll then send you the download link (please be patient).