Hide and Go Boom – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

Hide and Go Boom is essentially Bomberman in first person, allowing players to blow up crates, collect power-ups and blast opponents in fast paced multiplayer battles.

Hide and Go Boom allows players to enjoy the classic Bomberman gameplay from a whole new perspective as players attempt to blow up each other in first person arena battles. Aside from the switch to a first person viewpoint, the core gameplay is pretty similar to Hudson’s classic, with you able to blow up crates, collect power ups and use them to dispatch your opponents.

The game has two main modes at the moment – Classic and Insanity. Classic plays pretty much exactly like Bomberman (but in first person), complete with power-ups such as extra bombs and the remote control, as well as viruses that can cause you to lay all your bombs. Insanity mode offers a novel twist to the gameplay, allowing players to do battle in arenas that have verticality – with boxes stacked up on top of each other and players able to jump around them.

Hide and Go Boom is still early in development so isn’t fully featured yet (there are only 2 maps and the sound fx are pretty bad), but it’s a fun game that offers a nice twist on the classic Bomberman gameplay – it allows for plenty of “Oh Sh*t!” moments as you round a corner and come face to face with a bomb!

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Hide and Go Boom – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway!