Hide The Body – Game Jam Build Download

Hide The Body

Hide the Body is a fun local multiplayer game in which one player chops up a dead body and hides all the body parts, then the second player searches the room to find them!

Anybody can dispose of a body with enough time (just ask Walter White), but unfortunately you don’t have much of it – with only one minute to chop up and hide the body parts.  There are a few different weapons scattered around the room that you can use to dismember the body, after which you just have to find ways to hide the all the pieces.  Once your minute’s up, then it’s the other players turn to search the room and gather up all the evidence.  They’ll have to be fast though – they only get one minute too!

The controls could do with a bit of work, but otherwise Hide the Body is a great little piece of low poly dismemberment fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Hide The Body Here (Windows Only)