High Entropy – Alpha Download

High Entropy is a cleverly crafted first person puzzle adventure where you use stealth, hacking and brute force to make your way through a series of self contained high-security levels.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Prey, Dishonored and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, High Entropy is a first person action adventure that gives you a wide range of tools to complete your missions – from typing DOS prompts into computer command lines to blasting a robot in the face with a shotgun.

High Entropy will eventually feature a full story mode, but at the moment it comprises of a challenge mode made up of 15 self contained levels. In each level your aim is to make your way past the various locked doors, robots and security devices to the exit elevator. Each level also contains optional objectives, such as avoiding detection or collecting hidden Blade Runner style paper cranes, allowing you to unlock a secret ending if you 100% all the levels.

Even in these early stages of development High Entropy feels like a very polished and well crafted experience, but what really impresses is the variety of different abilities you utilize while making your way through the levels. You can crawl through vents, climb up onto ledges, smash and climb through windows, move crates, operate machinery, create distractions and use an assortment of weapons. There’s also a variety of things you can do on the various computer terminals found throughout the game, such as reading emails, deactivating defenses, opening doors or even using DOS style command line prompts.

It’s an impressive game where you don’t just sneak or shoot your way through the levels – you think your way through them. A first person infiltration game that allows you to think outside of the box rather than just sneak around inside one. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The High Entropy Alpha Here (Windows)