Highlights – Student Project Download

highlights game

Highlights is a super-cool, super-fast and super-hard Space Harrier-esque arcade shooter where you fight neon phoenixes atop the Great Wall of China rendered in a beautiful iridescent wire-frame.

Gameplay is reminiscent of Space Harrier or Sin and Punishment, with you flying into the screen, controlling your target reticule and your character independently.  It’s all down to reflexes as you duck, dive, swoop and shoot through Highlights – you really don’t have much time to think as glowing neon structures and phoenixes hurtle by at break neck speeds.

It’s an impressive game – the speed, striking visuals and funky soundtrack almost sent you into a trance-like state as you zoom along the Great Neon Wall of China.  Don’t get too entranced though, you’ll need your wits about you to make it far in this super-tough shooter!

Download Highlights HERE (Gamepad Recommended)