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Highschool 101

Highschool 101 is a fun little Unreal Engine-powered stealth cheating simulator in which you have to look up answers to a test and pass them to the rest of the class without getting caught.

Your class has an important test, but you’re not the most academically talented bunch so it looks like you’re all going to fail. However, it turns out you’re all far better at cheating than you are at learning, so you may manage to pass yet! Your goal is to get more than half of each class to pass the test by passing the answers to them. This is easier said than done as you’ll have to avoid being spotted by the teachers who patrol the class and rule with an iron fist – any cheaters will be beaten and evicted.

In each test you have a selection of different students who have different cheating skills. Some can look up answers on their mobile phones and whisper them to other students nearby, some can write answers on paper planes and throw them across the class and some can distract the teachers by flipping desks or asking them a question.   You’ll have to be tactical in your cheating operations as each student only has a limited amount of action points to spend on their cheating escapades.

Highschool 101 impresses with it’s charming visuals, tongue in cheek humor and unique stealth cheating gameplay – a fun little game that proves that cheaters do really prosper!

Check Out a Highschool 101 Gameplay Video Here

Download Highschool 101 Here (Windows)

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