Highway Madness – Beta Download (Oculus Rift & HTC Vive)

Highway Madness is essentially a multiplayer VR version of Crossy Road, that sees players running across a busy highway, attempting to get to the finish line first (in one piece!)

In Highway Madness players can compete in two different game modes – Run and Shoot. The Shooting mode is a free for all deathmatch for up to six players in which you collect weaponry and shoot other players, but shooting them propels them high in the air where they can get zapped by electric lines. The Run mode is the most fun though, with up to four players running for their lives across a busy highway. You run by swinging your arms and can collect powers and weapons to aid your chances of success. You’ll have to keep an eye out for traffic as there’s only going to be one winner in a collision between a person and a fast moving vehicle.

It’s a fun game that offers plenty of hilarity and ‘oh sh*t!’ moments as you narrowly avoid death on its busy highways. Well worth checking out for some multiplayer traffic dodging fun – being run over by a bus in VR is quite an experience!

Download The Highway Madness Beta Here (Steam)