Hikari’s Station – Game Jam Build Download

Hikari’s Station, an adorable game made for the A Game By It’s Cover, seems you making friends and taking selfies on a busy train, while hoping to not annoy the people who end up in your pictures!

In Hikari’s Station the train you are taking home has quite a few stops between you and where you want to be. To make the most of your time on the train, you have decided to take as many different selfies as you can! Selfies are best done with other people but can also annoy those around you. You must go try to take as many selfies as you can without making too many enemies along the way.

You are able to go up to passengers and say hello to them. They will then react to you, sometimes curious about you, other times not into what you are doing. You must then make the judgement on whether or not to take a picture or two with them in the background! Sometimes other passengers will start taking their own selfies, which you can be a part of. Once you have taken enough selfies for a set, you will go through them and get bonus points before taking some more. The more happy people in the background, the better.

Hikari’s Station is a very cute little game with a bunch of different people getting on at each stop, all for you to make friends with and annoy! A fun little subway selfie snapping adventure!

Download Hikari’s Station Here (Windows)