Hills & Hollows – Alpha Demo

Hills & Hollows is an eerie 1bit styled occult horror adventure that draws inspiration from midwestern folklore as you use Tarot cards to try and escape a terrible fate.

After being murdered by some strange cultist car thieves, a mysterious talking cat allows you to relive the event and change it by using special Tarot cards. However, it’ll take more than that to escape your fate – there are many ways to die in Hills & Hollows and you’ll need to figure out how to save yourself (and others) from a premature demise.

The current build of Hills & Hollows takes around 10 minutes to play through but it’s worth playing through multiple times to find all the permutations. It plays like a blend of a Kinetic Novel and a point and click adventure, as you figure out what order to perform certain actions in and gather useful objects and tarot cards to try and change your fate. Avoiding your death is a bit of a puzzle and it may take a little trial and error!

It’s a very promising game with a great 1bit visual style, an intriguing narrative, excellent writing and choices that have a meaningful impact on the story. See if you can play your cards right and avoid a trip to the morgue!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Hills & Hollows Alpha Demo Here (Windows)