Hoag’s Journey – Game Jam Build Download

Hoags Journey

Hoag’s Journey, a fun blend of side scrolling action, vertically scrolling shmup’ and resource/time management made for the gm48, see’s you blasting enemies for cash, which can be used to build your ship which you pilot in the final section of the game!

In Hoag’s Journey, you are stuck on a hostile planet full of aliens who are attempting to kill you. Your ship has been severely damaged, but luckily when aliens die they drop gems that can be used to buy parts to rebuild your ship. You are able to rebuild your ship any way you want, extending the body, then adding thrusters and weapons wherever you want.  Adding extra body parts increases the ships HP, adding thrusters allows it to move quicker and adding weapons gives you more firepower to blast aliens in the final section.

While you are building your ship, more aliens will be popping up and shooting at you. So you must be fast at putting in pieces while fighting for your life. There’s no limit to the amount of time you can stay on the planet building your ship, but the longer you stay on the planet, the more aggressive the alien attacks become – and if your health drops to zero you’ll die.

Once you’re satisfied with your new ship, you are able to fly into outer space and take on the aliens in a vertical shmup’ section.  This is where all your hard work on the ground really pays off – as you’ll never get into space and think ‘oh I wish I had a few less lazers!’

Download Hoag’s Journey Here (Win & Mac)