Hoaxagon – Game Jam Build Download


Hoaxagon, a stylish 3D puzzler made for the Unreal Engine August 2016 Game Jam has you manipulating a world made entirely of hexagonal columns to solve a variety of tricky puzzles.

You are in a strange world with a selection of puzzle areas, each of which contains a glowing orb that you ned to collect. The orbs always seem to be just out of reach, but luckily for you, you have the power to grow or shrink hexagon tiles into pillars that you can then use as platforms. Each individual puzzle area has one colored orb and an exclamation point above it. This exclamation point allows you to see which clusters you have not completed from far away.

When you get close to a cluster of hexagon tiles, you will find some are red and some are white. Red tiles cannot be moved – some are stuck in place while others turn from white to red because you are too close to it. You can click on the tile and slowly move it up or down, growing or shrinking the pillar. At the bottom of your screen, you will have a green bar. This is the amount of power you have for that cluster. Once it fills up, you are unable to move anything else unless you undo some of your previous actions. This can make for some particularly challenging puzzle design, as you don’t have enough power to just extend/retract all the columns at once, and you can’t just stand on-top of a column and move it.

Hoaxagon’s unique column manipulating puzzles can take a little while to get your head around, but it makes for some interesting puzzle design that will really test your forward planning and spacial awareness.

Download Hoaxagon Here (Win Only)