Hobot’s Ascent – Game Jam Build Download

Hobot’s Ascent is a short and surreal little puzzle adventure with a Terry Gilliam-esque cut out animation style, which sees a little scrap robot attempting to climb a mysterious tower.

In Hobot’s Ascent, you help guide Hobot (a rather odd looking robot) to the top of a mysterious tower that he wakes up in. The puzzle-based gameplay is a little like the Samorost games, but with you having direct control of your character, rather than a traditional point and click interface.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, it’s a fun little adventure with some wonderfully weird backdrops. The puzzles aren’t particularly hard, but they’re fun to figure out and the surreal cut-out artwork and animation are excellent throughout. A quirky puzzle filled tower well worth climbing.

Download Hobot’s Ascent Here (Windows)