Hold the Line – Game Jam Build Download

Hold The Line, a fun wiretapping puzzler game made for the Tromsø Game Jam, has you trying to listen in on phone calls during a summit to find out intel for your government.

There is a very important political summit happening in the hotel you have been assigned to. You are here for a reason – connecting phone calls so that you can gain intel to help your government. Many people attending this event have no useful information, but some do, and you need to pay attention to these calls. At the start of the day, you will be given a file to tell you briefly what to look out for before you start connecting calls. Callers are impatient, so you need to be fast at connecting them, but also pay attention to what people are saying.

You can only see words if your mouse is hovered over the area, shedding light on the words being said. If you stray too far from important conversations to connect another call, you may miss something. On the other hand, if you don’t connect calls you could be fired and people will be suspicious. You really need to pay attention to those calls though – after your day is completed, you have to fill out a file and send it to your boss. Based on what people have said, you get to choose options to fill in blanks. If you are correct, you will have done your job well and helped your government, however, if you are wrong – well, hopefully you get things right…

It’s a fun game, which will really test your multitasking skills. With so much to do it can be hard paying attention to the intel -especially when some of the other calls are so funny!

Download Hold The Line Here (Windows & Linux)