Hole Punch – Alpha Download

Hole Punch features a very inventive physics based stealth action game where you can literally slice your way through the environment and chop it into pieces.

In Hole Punch you take control of a thief who is attempting to break into a bank and steal lots of gems. As in most stealth games, if you get spotted by a guard then they will shoot at you and kill you, but you have a very unique skill up your sleeve – you can slice your way through the environment!

You can move your character with the WASD keys, but with the mouse you can aim where you wash them to dash to. Dashing is quick and can help you avoid most bullets, but it also allows you to dash through solid objects and cut them as you do so. This allows you to find sneaky routes through the levels, knock out guards with falling debris or block their view so you can sneak past.

It’s a very clever concept that makes for a very fast paced and free-form take on stealth action. Slicing through the environment is a hell of a lot of fun and there are lots of different ways you can approach each level. It’s a fantastic game and there are even some cool secrets to discover if you fancy a real challenge. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Hole Punch Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)