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Hollow is a very creepy first person sci-fi horror adventure in which you explore an abandoned space ship, solve puzzles, fight grotesque alien monstrosities and discover terrifying secrets that will make you question your sanity

In Hollow you play a pilot who transports transports precious minerals from a mining ship in orbit around Jupiter back to the resource-starved Earth. One day you wake up in an emergency capsule, drifting near the mining ship with no memory of who you are or how you got there and a strange empty feeling, that feels like you’re almost hollow inside. After docking with the mining ship it soon becomes apparent that something catastrophic has happened to it – the crew is missing, the power is out and grotesque monsters lurk within its Nostromo-esque innards.

It’s a very creepy game that has a vibe that feels fondly reminiscent of the original Alien movie and Dead Space, with it’s tense atmosphere, industrial sci-fi environment and reasons to question your characters sanity. The gameplay features a nice mix of puzzles, tension, scares and monster blasting, backed up with high quality audio/visual design and a very intriguing narrative. A super slick, cerebral and scary sci-fi adventure well worth checking out.

Note: The devs are giving away full game keys, T-shirts and mugs to the first 10 people who complete the demo and upload a video. More info here.

Download The Hollow Beta Demo Here (Steam)

Special Thanks to Nokzen for the Heads Up About this Beta!

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