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Hollow is a wonderful haunted horse ride inspired by The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, full of spooky scares and full of some of the most stunning low poly visuals you’re ever likely to see.

There are two types of gameplay available – a guided on-rails chariot ride and a free roaming horse ride, we’d highly recommend trying both (Chariot first, then the horse ride).  The chariot ride is a visually spectacular haunted house-style theme park ride with some frights that when played on a standard screen will make you jump, but when played on an Oculus Rift may require a change of underwear.

The free roaming horse ride gives you free rein over a massive expanse of beautiful low poly countryside and a rather creepy woodland trail.  There are no real objectives, but There’s lot to see as you explore the land of Hollow with your trusty steed.  It works perfectly with a mouse and keyboard, but plug in a Leap Motion controller and it really does turn into a horse riding simulator – with you able guide your horse with virtual reins using the same motions as you’d use in real life.

Whether you’re sitting back and enjoying the scenery or taking the horse by the reins, Hollow is a spectacular ride full of some mind-blowing sights and creepy frights.  Heavenly horrific horsesplay.

Download Hollow HERE (Standard Screen or Oculus Rift)

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  1. Hi, I’m one of the devs from Hollow. We are so happy you liked our virtual hayride! Wanted to stop by say thanks and let you know we are working on a “sequel”. It’ll have loads more, especially objectives.
    Have a Happy Christmas Calum!

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