Hollow Hills – Beta Download

Hollow Hills is a Silent Hill inspired third person survival horror adventure where you find yourself trapped in a living nightmare while searching for your missing sister in a mysterious town.

In Hollow Hills you take on the role of a lone male protagonist whose search for his missing sister has taken him to the town of Hollow Hills. However, before he even gets into the town a quick bathroom break at a gas station on the outskirts plunges him into a nightmarish realm full of grotesque monsters. Even when you manage to escape that realm it seems that the world has changed and the monsters are no longer confined to their realm.

Hollow Hills is a game that wears it’s inspiration clearly on its sleeve. In fact it’s so derivative of Silent Hill that it could easily be described as a fan game. That’s not a bad thing though – if Konami won’t make Silent Hill games then it’s nice that someone is. There’s a lot to like about it too, with high quality visuals, satisfyingly grotesque fleshy monsters and lots of good old fashioned survival horror gameplay. Also, in a move that should please many, you can play the game is first person, third person or in a traditional fixed-camera view (you can even play in Oculus Rift if you like).

Hollow Hills has got a few rough edges narratively (such as the way your character is totally unfazed by entering a nightmare realm full of freaky monsters) and it is essentially a Silent Hill fan game, but it’s shaping up to be a great one. Well worth checking out for a fix of old school survival horror.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Hollow Hills Beta Here (Windows)