Hollowbody – Alpha Demo

Hollowbody is a tech-noir survival horror adventure where you fight for your life in an exclusion zone within a long abandoned UK city.

Drawing inspiration from classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, Hollowbody is a tech-noir survival horror game with a blend of fixed and dynamic camera angles. You take on the role of a black market shipper whos hovercar crashes into the exclusion zone while she’s searching for her missing partner. She now needs to fight for her survival in a city filled with withered undead monsters.

At the moment Hollowbody does have some rough edges – the combat isn’t great and the apartment area feels a little long and repetitive. However, the British tech-noir setting is interesting, the outdoor environmental design is excellent and the monsters are very freaky. All the more impressive thanks to the fact that it’s all being created by a solo developer. With a little more polish it could have the makings of a survival horror classic.

Download The Hollowbody Alpha Demo Here (Steam)